This Week I Promise Myself

There are a lot of things I want to do each day for my self-care and well-being. Sometimes I do some of them, but there’s a difference in having a lot of good ideas and it-would-be-nice-ifs and actually following through with them.

I generally keep my promises to myself. I don’t need a lot of external motivation to do what I say I’m going to do. But a good “why” behind the “sacrifice” goes a long way.

I met with a new endocrinologist a week and a half ago. She was tough on me. Really tough. But it was the kick I needed to get focused.

I suddenly feel like I have a professional on my side. I feel like I have access to the resources I need. I feel less alone, afraid, and adrift.

Knowing someone will be digging into my data, holding me accountable, and asking me to explain myself is a pretty good “why”.

So this week I’m trying something a little different.

I made a list of promises for the coming week. I physically wrote them down and I stuck the list inside my planner so I would see it every day.

This week I make the following promises to myself–

  • I will wake up each morning at 4:05am to meditate before my workout.
  • I will make my bed.
  • I will drink a minimum of 9 cups of water. No excuses.
  • I will only drink 2 cups of coffee.
  • I will fast until 11am. Unless I need to treat a hypo.
  • I will get my minimum steps in.
  • I will track my food.
  • I will drink a shake for lunch and only eat the snacks I brought into work (except Thursday because office Thanksgiving potluck). If I feel hungry I will drink water or warm tea.
  • I will prepare healthy low carb meals for dinner.
  • I will not eat sweets with or after dinner.
  • I will do exercises to stretch my feet.
  • I will breathe deeply when I feel tired, angry, stressed, and emotional.
  • I will remain calm and trust myself during moments of low and high blood sugars.

amanda maureen

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