Little By Little

Little by little fear has less of a hold on me. The things I share are deep, but they are safe. It’s a comfortable level of vulnerability.

I’ve been practicing daily meditation. Yesterday I did a guided meditation where you are led down a darkening path. You pass through several gates, and at each you must give something up to continue. At the end you are laid bare before your shadow self. As you journey back up the path you are centered and complete– embracing all aspects of yourself.

A tad scary and raw– below I’m sharing the highlights of my post-meditation journaling.

I give up my fear.
I accept my inner light.
I will radiate that sparkly light and equally embrace my beautiful shadow.

I give up my expectations.
I accept my inner wisdom.
I will look inside for the answers, for they all reside within.

I give up my pride.
I accept my ability to speak my truth.
I will lay down my image and be my true authentic self.

I give up my guilt.
I accept that I am worthy.
I will love others by first loving myself. I will let others love me without expectation.

I give up my weakness.
I honor my boundaries.
I accept my personal power and will weild it with compassion.

I give up my recklessness.
I accept that I can’t do it all.
I will treat my mind, body, heart, and soul like a temple.

I give up my mask.
I accept the wild stirring in my heart and soul.
I will not blend in. I will not play small. I will not stay inside the lines. I will not be good and follow the rules just for the sake of fitting in.

🤍 amanda maureen