The Miles Are Just the Tool

It wasn’t about the miles. It almost never is.

The miles are just the tool.

It’s about resilience.

It’s recognizing my perceived limitations, acknowledging them, then seeing how much further I can go.

It’s learning how to stay firm and grounded in myself when my emotions are threatening to make me do something silly and irrational.

It’s becoming the observer of my situation.

It’s accepting that growth comes with pain– physical, mental, emotional.

It’s putting in the work every day to be my best possible me.

I am shaped and strengthened by that which, first, breaks me open.

Sometimes I get it right. Often I mess it up because I am learning how to trust and let go. But the cool thing in all of that is the awareness– I can’t be better if I’m unaware. The miles and physical challenges are one tool I use to increase my awareness.

Yesterday was a fabulous experience. Yes it was difficult, and yes it hurt. But I was so mentally and emotionally prepared that, in the chaos, I was able to soak it all in.

Traffic was horrible, my sensor decided to be finicky, I forgot to put a backup insulin source in my hydration pack, I started off in last place, I could barely eat, my blood sugar was shit.

Through all of that, I never overreacted. I observed, adjusted, and trusted everything to be ok.

My sensor came back to life, I didn’t need a backup source of insulin, by the halfway point I was right in the middle of the pack, by the end of the event I had normal-ish high blood sugar– AND I finished top (only) female.

You are able to do what you fully and deeply believe is possible. It will likely come with challenges, setbacks, and pain. But growth, beauty, and awareness await you on the other side.

🤍 amanda maureen

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