The Idea of Birthdays

I’ve always loved the idea of birthdays.

It’s fun being celebrated, but it’s also more than that.

Your birthday signifies a new year– YOUR new year.

No, it’s not my birthday yet (that’s next month!) But as the fiscal year ends and I’m thinking about what I want my next work year to look like– I can’t help but think about what I want my next year to look like holistically.

I heard something interesting on a podcast this week in reference to Halloween costumes– we should choose a costume with traits we want embody in our next year.

The timing is impeccable.

My birthday, Halloween, and the start of the fiscal year all happen in October– the start of MY next year, and my choice of Artemis this Halloween couldn’t be any more perfect and magickal.

Artemis– the goddess of the moon, the wilderness, and the hunt. She is fierce and courageous– protector of those who may appear weak or cannot stand up for themselves.

Strong, independent, and focused– a huntress going after what she believes in.

That sure sounds like a good lense to view my year through.

Autumn, which starts this Monday, is all about letting go. Letting things die to make room for the birth of new, different, better. Shedding the layer of doubt and fear that is preventing your growth.

So the big question– what do I need to work on letting go, to allow to die, this autumn so that I can embody this bad ass beautiful goddess?

🤍 amanda maureen

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