Transition of Seasons

New moon, new month, or maybe it’s the transition of the seasons– but I regularly go through this cycle of desiring to organize my life.

There’s the physical act of decluttering. Of walking into my closet and tossing things I haven’t touched in awhile into a pile or organizing my desks or revamping and refining my routine.

Then there’s the act of unsubscribing/unfollowing/unfriending accounts and groups that are no longer serving me and being cautious of real-life energy vampires. Choosing to say no. Choosing to protect my most valuable asset– my time. Intentionally choosing to spend my energy on those that bring me joy and depth or provide beauty, education, and growth.

And there’s the deeper act of organizing and decluttering my thoughts and emotions. Of digging into the messy parts of life. Of questioning why I feel, act, and react a certain way. Of asking myself how I can better serve those around me and then putting plans in place to follow through.

It’s a good time to pause and reflect. To slow down, to pay attention, to be intentional.

Feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for the new month ahead– for a clean slate to set new goals and intentions and to make sure I am showing love and appreciation to those around me.

🤍 amanda maureen

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