A Week Post-CT

A week has passed since we finished the Colorado Trail.

It’s always a little weird coming back to the real world after spending a few weeks in the wilderness.

I’ve rested. A lot.
I’ve soaked my feet in epsom salt 2x every day.
I’ve started slowly to ease my body back into movement.
I got a massage.
The house is finally (mostly) back in order.
There’s real food in the kitchen.

Tomorrow I’ll do meal prep and ease myself back into my routine. I’ll actually get my shit together and be at work at my normal time Monday.

It’s still uncomfortable to walk, but I’m already wondering what’s next. I keep thinking about my feet. If I get that figured out, I could be unstoppable.

Ideas running through my head–

  • The Collegiate Peaks Loop. I feel like we missed out by taking Collegiate East on the CT. I want to go back, do the loop, and experience the beauty of the West Collegiates.
  • Leadville 100. Go big or go home, right?
  • The John Muir Trail. Why not put in for a 2020 permit and see what happens.
  • The Long Trail. Easier for us to get to, and a longer season of opportunity to hike.
  • The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. My first wilderness love. Of course we’ll keep putting in for permits.

I also would kind of love to spend some time in the towns we stopped in during our stroll– but with a means of transportation other than foot. Lake City and Silverton in particular.

Too many incredible things to do and experience and not enough time

🤍 amanda maureen

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