Details of the Colorado Trail

We broke our trip into two parts–

(1) Waterton Canyon to Copper Mountain at the beginning of July
(2) Copper Mountain to Junction Creek the evening of July 20th through the morning of August 3rd

The entire trail is 484.6 miles, gains 89,354 ft, has an average elevation over 10,000 ft, and reaches the highest point at 13,271 ft.

The Colorado Trail crosses eight mountain ranges, six national forests, and countless streams and rivers.

We hiked from before 5am until (sometimes) 7:30pm each day, and managed 30 +/- 2ish miles each full day on the trail.

We stopped in Twin Lakes, Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, Salida (over night), Lake City (over night), and Silverton.

Daily mileage breakdown for part (2) is below:

Day 0: 6 miles
Day 1: 28
Day 2: 32
Day 3: 29+
Day 4: 29.7
Day 5: 16.8
Day 6: 31.2
Day 7: 30.8
Day 8: 33.5
Day 9: 10.8
Day 10: 27.3
Day 11: 18.5
Day 12: 32
Day 13: 32.9
Day 14: 5.2

🤍 amanda maureen

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