The Colorado Trail – Part I

For those data geeks who want #allthedetails– here are a few stats from the first part of our Colorado Trail stroll last week.

Day 1
Segment 1 (Waterton Canyon) – a few miles into Segment 3 (Little Scraggy)
32 mi / 13+ hrs / ~4,500 ft elevation gain

Arrived at Waterton Canyon ~9:30pm so we camped at the trailhead. You’re not supposed to camp “in sight of the river”. I couldn’t see the river from my tent. Awake and on the trail by 5:15am. Blazed through Segment 1.

Segment 2 was brutal– 11.5 mi of hot, sunny, and exposed 7K+ ft of elevation with ZERO water through a burn zone. Drank #allthewater and was willing to donate all the cash in my wallet to the volunteer fire station, who so graciously provides emergency water at mile 10.

Day 2
Segment 3 – a few miles into Segment 5 (Kenosha Pass)
28 mi / 11+ hrs / ~4,900 ft elevation gain

Blazed through Segment 3. Entered the “real” Rockies on Segment 4. Met several locals who hyped up the big climb in Segment 4. It was big, but definitely not worse than our recent GC hikes, and definitely didn’t make my “Top Five Hardest” list.

The “unusually straight” 6-mile meadow felt never-ending and was mentally draining. Started raining in the afternoon.

FYI– the Data Book is NOT waterproof.

Day 3
Segment 5 – Michigan Creek Camp
26 mi / 11+ hrs / ~2, 800 ft elevation gain

Finished Segment 5, hiked a few miles into Segment 6, then started our snow detour. It was mostly Forest Service/Country Roads– still pretty, but kinda boring, really hot and dry, and felt never-ending. Camped just over 10K ft and few miles down from Georgia Pass.

Day 4
Michigan Creek Camp – Frisco
22 mi / 9+ hrs / ~1,600 ft elevation gain

This is where it got fun! Made it to Georgia Pass at 11,585 ft, then followed some FSR, random trails, and a highway into Frisco. Hiked ~1 mile in snow with spikes, postholed, crossed a snowmelt swollen creek barefoot, and ate wayyy too much food in Frisco.

Note: Hours are counted camp to camp. Elevation is approximated because my Garmin died several times and I am missing some data.

🤍 amanda maureen

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