Intel Gathering

Why did we break up our Colorado Trail travels

Intel gathering.

Breaking up the hike was definitely not the original plan. I wanted to do a “real” thru hike– however, in hindsight, I’m glad we went out on a weeklong intel gathering mission.

This being my first thru hike, I learned a few things that I’m glad I have the opportunity to address before going back out.

1. The clothing. I didn’t like my outfit. Not necessarily because of the way it looked, but it wasn’t as functional as I had hoped. I’m SO glad I’m not stuck wearing it for four weeks straight.

I was too hot in my pants, even on the cold mornings above 10K ft I warmed up as soon as we started hiking. My hiking shirt didn’t breathe very well– leading me to just not wear it. I got a really bad sunburn, and because I had a tank top on, I got some bad chaffing on my shoulders from my pack.

2. The snow. The pictures and first hand accounts on the FB group are great, but it’s tough to fully grasp until your there.

I now understand what the snowpack looks and feels like. I know how awesome it feels to wear spikes and easily walk on top of the snow, and I know what it feels like to suddenly start postholing. I have a better sense of what I feel is doable but slow/tiring, and what I feel may be unsafe.

I also have respect for how rapidly the snow is melting and what that’s doing to the creeks and streams. In a matter of days, accounts of Segment 6 went from pretty awful to still snowy, but relatively easy.

3. The food. Calorie wise, based on what we packed, we thought we’d be hungry. In reality, neither of us wanted to eat most of the time. We didn’t actually cook dinner any night, instead eating cereal and finishing up uneaten snacks from the day.

Maybe the altitude? We hardly ate any of the food we took, threw most of it out in Frisco, replacing it with different items that were easier to eat. The key here– make sure you LOVE your food because you may need to force yourself to eat and that’s tough to do if you’re not excited about what’s in your bear bag.

The countdown is on. In two weeks we’ll be back on the Colorado Trail.

🤍 amanda maureen

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