Given the Choice

Given the choice between the safer easy option and the potentially difficult unknown, which do you choose?

Spending much of my mental energy recently in the final stages of preparation for the Colorado Trail.

There’s still snow in the high points. Exactly how much, how deep, or for how far is kind of a guess.

We came up with a Plan B to get around some sections of segments 6-8 if the postholing is too much for me or if for any reason that it seems unsafe.

There’s a part of me that breathes a sigh of relief over Plan B– “Whew. An easy way out.”

But there’s also a part of me that says screw Plan B, we said we were doing the CT, we need to push through.

Obviously, safety is one thing, but if it’s just a matter of difficulty and discomfort, who would I be if I chose the easy route?

At the point I realized the record-breaking Colorado snowpack wouldn’t be completely melted for our trip, my brain instantly switched to what do I need to do different and how do I plan and prepare for this massive change in plans?

My joke to anyone who will listen is that this trip is really challenging my flexibility– which everyone knows isn’t my strong suit.

The thing I keep coming back to over and over– you don’t get to experience these types of wilderness unscathed.

There’s a price to pay– a challenge to overcome– to catch a glimpse of the beauty out there.

While often those challenges appear to be outside of you (e.g. weather, a major rapid, etc) they are really a reflection of what is going on inside of you.

Expect challenges.
Expect to be uncomfortable.
Expect that things will not go as planned.
Expect to be pushed to your perceived limit.

That is where the magick happens– When you let go and realize that your plan is just a pretty little idea to deviate from. When you choose to show up despite your fear. When you reach your edge, stay vulnerable, and choose to push through.

You are enough.

When all those little voices inside your head are screaming to take the easy way out– stay confident in yourself and remember that you are always stronger than you believe.

We’re given our specific mountains to show they can be moved.

🤍 amanda maureen

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