Slowing Down

Movement, action, and busyness equal growth. Right?

Sure, sometimes.

But what about stillness?

I have been finding more and more growth through stillness, quiet, slowing down.

My mind is so chaotic. Constantly thinking through every little detail, all the what-ifs, and conjuring up plans A, B, and C– you know, just in case.

I went to my first Kundalini yoga class today. I didn’t know anything about Kundalini (other than the name) before attending. It was different from other classes I’ve been too. The pace was slow– in the 75 minute class, we didn’t do nearly as many poses as I’m used to. There was a deep focus on pranayama (breathing), holding specific asanas (poses) for several minutes, chanting, and meditation.

None of the asanas were incredibly challenging in and of themselves. But, for example, holding a downward facing dog for several minutes while focusing on a specific pranayama sequence will definitely push you into the “slightly uncomfortable”. My mind kept thinking of all the reasons why it was too hard, telling me that it wouldn’t be a big deal if I transitioned into easy pose instead.

I eventually found that if I let go I could calm my mind and relax into the poses.

Pieces of today’s class were definitely uncomfortable– but it was through those physical sensations of discomfort that I was able to slow my mind down and glimpse another example of perceived limitations orchestrated by the mind and what the body is actually capable of.

Let go. Slow down. Find some stillness each day.

You may be surprised how much growth you will find in those quiet moments of being the observer of your thoughts and emotions instead of the reactor.

🤍 amanda maureen

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