How Do You Show Up?

How do you show up to those around you?

We all have good and bad days.

Moments of being the sparkle that lights up someone’s day and moments that our tone or body language quickly shut someone down.

We won’t always be rays of sunshine to be around– but the more aware we are of our energy and the impact it has on others, the better we can be.

We become better, not necessarily by changing who we are, but acknowledging and sharing our flaws, vulnerabilities, and fears.

Embracing our shadows. Identifying the stories we are telling ourselves, and recognize that often they are just that– stories based off emotions, not truth.

And guess what?

Every person you interact with also has flaws, vulnerabilities, fears, shadows.

They have stories and emotions shaping how they show up in the world.

And just like you, they are doing their best each day with what they have and where they are.

🤍 amanda maureen

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