Dance in the Storm

The weather hiking down the North Kaibab Trail was perfect– sunny and comfortably warm.

But as I was once told by someone who probably spent a bit too much time in the canyon– she has a mind of her own and the weather can change in an instant.

The hike out the next day was cold, wet, and muddy with rain, sleet, and snow.

As crappy as that might sound, it actually wasn’t.

It was quite beautiful watching the canyon change as the weather changed.

And like most things in nature– there’s a parallel to life buried in there.

We can choose to look at the stormy parts of life through a negative lense or we can choose to see the beauty in them.

We can see them as opportunities–

Opportunity to tap into a part of you that you didn’t know exists.

Opportunity to show up and set an example of strength and resilience for those around you.

Opportunity to say, “Here I am in all my perfect imperfections doing my best, and my best is enough.”

Choose to laugh.
Dance in the storm sometimes.

Those cliches about rainbows after the rain exist for a reason.

🤍 amanda maureen

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