Colorado Trail Prep

This little adventure was a really good trial run for the big Colorado Trail thru hike later this summer.

Some key takeaways:

  • If you leave a grocery store with a cart full of food for a week of backpacking, you’ve probably bought too much food.
  • Going a week without a shower doesn’t phase me, but I’d really prefer clean underwear every other day.
  • Certain items are worth the weight and it’s totally a personal preference– a journal and trigger point massage ball for me, an electric toothbrush and eye blinds for Nick.
  • I can probably do without an extra shirt to sleep in, but two pairs of socks are mandatory when hiking in sandals.
  • Make sure the first aid kit includes duct tape, super glue, nail clippers, and extra bandaids.
  • My Backcountry hiking pants are a major win. Tested in rain, sleet, hail, and snow on multiple hikes– they got soaked and dried super fast after the moody weather stopped. I’m not in love with my hiking shirt, but it’ll do.
  • A single packet of honey, along with some deep breathing, is generally enough to level out a plummeting blood sugar.
  • I can’t eat a packet of Idahoan instant mashed potatoes even though it’s only a couple hundred calories– wayy too much potato. But I could easily eat half a bag of Milano cookies.
  • The wide brimmed hat, while it protected more of my face and shoulders from the sun, was annoyingly uncomfortable when hiking up canyon. Every time I tilted my head to look up ahead of me, it hit my pack– not worth the energy wasted constantly readjusting the hat.

Overall– I’m happy with my gear, I’m dialing in what’s worth the weight, and I’m feeling more confident about my blood sugar management on the trail.

Now, if it would just stop dumping inches and inches of snow in Colorado.

🤍 amanda maureen

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