Hermit Trail

Made it down to the river!

Spent a night at Hermit Creek Camp and had a beautiful 2-ish mile hike down the Hermit Creek drainage to Hermit Rapid first thing in the a.m.

It was interesting watching the rapid from the perspective of not hoping in a raft to run it.

You notice different things when your mind isn’t cloudy with excitement and fear.

The flow was lower than we’ve run Hermit Rapid, and the erratic wave was even more erratic than I’ve seen it.

It was mesmerizing to watch.

The hike out included 4,200-ish ft of elevation gain over roughly 10 miles, heavy rain, pea-sized hail, and lots of sun while climbing the last 1,600 ft to the rim.

The weather here has been strange.

🤍 amanda maureen

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