Hey, What’s That Thing?

With the weather warming up and an office with a kinda-working AC unit, I’ve been wearing a lot of sleeveless tops– this leads to some people trying to act like they aren’t staring and others who will boldly ask “Hey, what’s that on your arm?”

Depending on my mood I’ll tell people that I’m partially a robot.

For reals though, it’s a great opportunity for me to educate people on t1d.

And because I’m surrounded by engineers that love data, it usually makes for an interesting conversation.

The little thing on my arm is a Continuous Glucose Monitor.

A tiny wire inserted under my skin measures my blood sugar through the interstitial fluid, sends a reading to my phone every 5 min via bluetooth, and sounds an alarm if things start to go bad.

It doesn’t hurt, I can’t feel it when it’s inserted, and don’t worry– it can get wet, so most of the time I’m showered.

For every little decision you make, t1d is there and must be accounted for.

The CGM gives me an incredible amount of data to aid in the neverending decision-making process and helps me feel more confident in my decisions– because if I mess up, I’ll be alerted before it’s an emergency.

🤍 amanda maureen

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