Yesterday was my 3-year diaversary.
Tomorrow I am running a trail marathon.
Later this summer I’ll spend several weeks thru hiking the 488 mile Colorado Trail.

It’s been a whirlwind t1d journey so far.

Some days are good, and sometimes I go weeks where I can’t get things under control.

I take comfort in the small wins and am getting better at breathing through the stressful and scary moments.

Choosing to be present in the moment and think rationally about what my body may do.

Sometimes I get it right, often I get it wrong, but I see growth in myself and how I handle each challenge.

Every once in awhile someone will tell me they are impressed by what I do with t1d.

The truth is I’m not looking to impress anyone.

I’m selfish.

I do what I do to prove to myself that I am bigger than my disease.

It’s my “F you diabetes. You may win the fight sometimes, but you won’t win the war.”

Maybe it’s my personality– you tell me I can’t do something, and you can bet that I will find a way to do it.

In this weird convoluted way t1d has made me a stronger human.

Maybe we’re assigned our specific mountains to show others they can be moved.

Here’s to year 4! Striving to find a healthy balance, staying present, and showing t1d that at the end of the day– I win.

🤍 amanda maureen

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