Be Love Every Day

Although I definitely won’t turn down any chocolate that’s gifted to me– I do think Valentine’s Day is a made up commercialized holiday.

Love should not be reserved for a single day of the year.

Be love every single day.
Embody it.

Show love to others in all you do.
Show love to yourself in all you do.

We teach others how to love us by how they see us loving ourselves.

I show love to myself by choosing to make caring for my body, mind, and soul a priority.

I have a set of positive affirmations I repeat daily.

I am strong, beautiful, and confident.
I am bold and courageous.
I am free to be my true authentic self, and am loveable exactly as I am.
I am enough.

Change your thoughts, change your emotions, change your behavior.

Our minds are the filters through which we experience life.

Get your mind straight and everything else will fall into place. That’s power right there.

What positive affirmations do you need to hear more often?

🤍 amanda maureen

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