Choosing to Say “Yes” to Me

Fear is often at the root of all our stresses, worries, problems.

It’s what keeps us stagnant.

It’s what keeps us tucked neatly inside our little comfortable boxes, coloring inside the lines.

But what if..? Exactly.

But what if you were free to be exactly who you were designed to be?

But what if every day you said “yes” to you?

But what if you accepted that you are imperfect, you are going to fuck up, you are going to let people down– that you will be too much for some people, yet not enough for others?

What if you accepted all that and chose to show up as your highest self– in spite of all your beautiful flaws and imperfections?

Today I’m choosing to say “yes” to me– to acknowledge my fears, then burn them. Literally.

🤍 amanda maureen

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