Catoctin 50K – Part II

It’s been three days since crossing the Catoctin 50K finish line.

My body actually feels pretty good (thank you #selfcare!), but in my mind it feels somewhat surreal– like, did I really run 33+ miles?

I’m not sure what I expected afterwards.

I’ve come to the realization over the last few years that many people generally don’t get it.

They think it’s cool or crazy. They are shocked or in awe. They are maybe feeling proud or inspired.

But they don’t truly understand why I would run 33+ miles, why I would spend 23 days in the Grand Canyon, why I would wake up at 4:15am, why I would spend so little so I can buy houses.

I often feel like an outsider, like I’m different, like I don’t fit.

Maybe it’s because I choose to live differently.
Maybe it’s because I can’t settle for the status quo.
Maybe it’s because I find value in growth and becoming my highest self.
Maybe it’s because I believe life is meant to be more– and you only arrive at that “more” when you are in alignment with your true self.

Maybe I’m just feeling introspective and rambly.

But I will continue being weird. I will continue striving for my definition of success. I will continue growing into my best self.

And I will continue to share– because maybe it will inspire someone to take a risk and be a little weird themselves.

🤍 amanda maureen

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