GC2018 | Lava Falls Day

River Journal Excerpt Day 19:

Today was one of those days where the details will fade, but you will always remember the way you felt.

The day was absolutely beautiful. The scout was sunny. The miles on the river were sunny. Camp was sunny. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Lava Falls day if we could have ordered the weather.

Happy. Relaxed. Filled with a joy and peacefulness that comes from breathing in and truly experiencing everything the canyon has to offer her travelers. Grateful to be in this incredible place with good company, good conversation– with people who just get it. I finally understand what SNB Chris meant last year when he said that being in the canyon is like coming home.

This adventure seems to last an eternity while being over in the blink of an eye.

I struggle to put into words the way this place makes you feel– what it does to you as a person. If you want challenge, growth, fear, joy, and a complete sense of wonder this is the place to come. Some may think you would get bored returning to the same place over and over, but it just keeps getting better and better.

After dinner Ed and Gary put on a musical show, including a song they wrote about our team. It was perfection. They played music and sang, encouraged us to sing along, and took a few song requests. We had a camp fire, music, moonshine, and good conversation. Pure magic and so much happiness.

Another night where I’m lucky to fall asleep under a magnificient starry night sky in one of the most enchanting places in the world.

🤍 amanda maureen

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