GC2018 | Granite Camp

River Journal Excerpt Day 10:

As I’m journaling right now I’m sitting on a rock at the Granite Rapid scout.

Partially because it’s super sunny, but also, I’m fascinated by the chaos of the raging river in front of me.

There is a sort of peace and serenity that can be found in the repetition of the rushing raging water– the cycle of building, crashing, building, crashing.

I am, maybe surprisingly, not terrified of what tomorrow brings. Respectful? Absolutely. But I can see the line through Granite. It’s not pretty. It can certainly line you up for a mean hole at the bottom. But the line exists.

It’s somewhat mesmerizing watching the river. She’s so beautiful, powerful, awe-inspiring.

The roar is incredible. The green-ish water contrasting the earth-toned canyon walls. So much white water in such a short stretch of river. The rapids scattered along the Colorado River are a beautiful contradiction to the long stretches of smooth-as-glass river.

🤍 amanda maureen

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