GC2018 | Big Day

River Journal Excerpt:

Tomorrow is a big day for me. Bedrock is just a few miles down stream. I need to row Bedrock. I think I would be really upset at myself if we finished this trip and I didn’t row it.

I need to do it for my own personal growth. It’s the final step in my “healing process”– in not letting my fear control me.

It’s my opportunity to look fear straight in the eye and give her a little wink. It’s my “hold my beer, watch this” moment. It’s my opportunity to prove to myself that I am strong– stronger than I let myself believe. That I am resilient. That I can be knocked down, but I will always come back because I have the heart and soul of a warrior. That I am a fighter. That I am a fucking badass woman.

I will row Bedrock because I am more powerful than my fear.

🤍 amanda maureen

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