GC2017 Trip Report [Day 21 | 4 February 2017]

Fifth and final layover day!!

Granite Park Camp is a wonderful place to have a layover day. It’s a big, open, sunny camp. Everyone was in good spirits.


We had a relaxed morning followed by a hike. Nick, Evan, JB, and I hiked up one of the side canyons for a few hours. It was a perfect Grand Canyon day. With the trip rapidly coming to a close, my thought were very reflective on the past few weeks.


What about this trip made it a million times better than GC2015?
What about me is different coming out of this trip?
What will I do differently next time?
What gear did I find myself saying “I wish I had..” and which gear did I never pull out of my gigantic green bad?
What do I want to accomplish on our next trip?
Is that really me who keeps saying “next time” or did someone take over my body?

The things I desire most in life– simplicity, adventure, growth. The Grand Canyon epitomizes that.

Never stop raising the bar on what you think you can accomplish and overcome.

Even on River Day 21 I’m still pushing my personal boundaries and comfort level, and I’m coming out of it a stronger, more resilient person.

After the hike, I spent the day basking in the sun– reading, playing cards, writing in my journal, sitting quietly just enjoying the company.

How do you go back to the “real world” after something like this?

River Miles: 0 miles
Camp: Granite Park [mile 209.1]

Water Flow: 10,000 – 15,000 cfs

Temperature: 43 – 68 deg F
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Wind: 3 – 7 mph, no gusts
Weather Event: N/A