GC2017 Trip Report [Day 12 | 26 January 2017]

As I go back through my journal, I realize that I wasn’t as good about writing every day as I wish I had been. Some days were just hard– and maybe those were the days I should have been chronicling my feelings, but instead I was lazy about getting my journal out and writing.


A Quick Stop Just Around the Bend from Camp to See a Waterfall


Sometimes I Wonder What a Summer Trip Would be Like. No Dry Suits Required! Would it Feel Odd?

River Day 12 was cold [thankfully, not raining], but the cold just starts to get to you after awhile.

This stretch of the trip was so cold that I took all my spare insulin off JB’s and Evan’s boats and slept with it. I couldn’t let it freeze, as that would destroy the insulin. Insulin was now just one more thing to worry about– to feel like I was annoying others by needing to dig into their boat and politely asking them to re-rig it for me the next day. For someone who prides themselves on being able to just “get it done” alone, and not needing to be “needy” by having others constantly help me– it was a humbling feeling to rely on others to keep my life-sustaining medicine safe.


Best Way to Stay Warm? Hop on the Oars!


We stopped at one of my favorite places in the Grand Canyon today– Elves Chasm. It is a small, but beautiful, clear-flowing stream down a side canyon. If you love waterfall, Elves Chasm is an absolute must-see in the Grand Canyon.

I am absolutely mesmerized by waterfalls and could just stare at them for hours. Unfortunately for us being a winter trip, visiting Elves Chasm is a very, very cold experience as the sun does not reach Elves Chasm.

A few brave souls on our trip succumbed to the magical lure of Elves Chasm and jumped from the waterfall into the clear pool below. Total respect for their fearlessness.

River Miles: 11.6 miles
Camp: Upper Blacktail [mile 120.6]

Shinumo [class 4]
Hundred and Nine Mile [class 2]
Hundred and Ten Mile [class 3]
Hakatai [class 4]
Walthenberg [class 6]
Hundred and Thirteen Mile [class 2]
Hundred and Nineteen Mile [class 2]

Water Flow: 11,000 – 18,000 cfs

Temperature: 25 – 37 deg F
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Wind: 3 – 6 mph, no gusts
Weather Event: Overcast