GC2017 Trip Report [Day 6 | 20 January 2017]

[Day 6 | 20 January 2017]

Another cold and rainy day.

Another “light” rapid day– only two relatively insignificant rapids.

Another day that I didn’t write in my journal.


River Day 6 is kind of exciting though– once you reach the confluence of the Little Colorado River (LCR) you are officially in Grand Canyon National Park. Crazy that we’re 60 miles down the Colorado River from the put-in at Lee’s Ferry and just now officially meet the Grand Canyon.


Where the LCR meets the Big ‘Ol Colorado River

The confluence of the LCR is also the point at which you discover if you’ll have clear water the rest of your journey, or muddy chocolate brown water. Since the region had been getting so much rain, the LCR was, unsurprisingly, running brown. Boo.

Once we got camp all set up Nick, Evan, and I went on a little stroll up Lava Canyon. It was nice to get moving because moving equals warmth— even if you are a bit wet from the rain. But fear not! I didn’t get too wet. That’s why I have this sweet bright blue and green rain outfit.

I will take this moment to point out that those bright blue pants were basically being held together by tape at this point in the trip [but still better than not having any rain pant!] and the bright green jacket was the most over-priced jacket I’ve ever purchased.



I found out on rig day that the waterproofing job on my jacket didn’t really work. So while at dinner at the Marble Canyon Lodge on our last night in civilization I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a waterproof jacket because I was not going to venture down the canyon with our predicted weather without something to keep me dry.

Then I also decided to purchase a camp pillow. Fuck it. I wanted to be comfortable.

River Miles: 12.8 miles
Camp: Lava Canyon [mile 65.9]

Kwagunt [class 5]
Sixty Mile [class 4]

Water Flow: 11,000 – 17,000 cfs

Temperature: 42 – 50 deg F
Precipitation: 0.24 in
Wind: 2- 8 mph, no gusts
Weather Event: Rain, Overcast