GC2017 Trip Report [Day 2 | 16 January 2017]

[Day 2 | 16 January 2017]

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties!

River Day 2 consisted of a lot of rapids, a few of which were not insignificant.

House Rock Rapid– a class 7, is the first rapid we scouted. I didn’t have very strong memories from our GC2015 House Rock run. We must have had an ok line, or it would have stuck out to me more. I wasn’t actually nervouse about House Rock Rapid until I saw it during the scout. It looked bad and the roar was incredible. House Rock Rapid has a huge hole that you definitely want to avoid.


Scouting House Rock Rapid

We scouted from river left for a better setup. Since this was our first major rapid of the trip, and I’m not super comfortable in the water, I confirmed with our kayakers what to do it I got tossed from the boat.

Nick and I were third in the lineup in our raft, the Yangtze– with Evan first, JB second, Josh forth, and Jillian fifth.


Nick and AK at House Rock Rapid

I was not feeling super confident as we stood on shore talking last minute logistics, but as soon as we pushed off I was all focus. This trip I felt like an active participant in running the rapids– Nick and I talked through set-up and kept communicating as we went through the rapid.

Nick had a great line, but we got a real good view of the huge hole as we continued through the rapid.

River Day 2 flew by with so many big rapids and lots of fast water. That night we slept out under the stars at Shinumo Wash Camp. It was a cold, but beautiful night.

“I think I saw the heart of the beast on that one [referring to a large hole we ran in the Roaring Twenties].”
– AK’s River Journal


Boats on Shore at Shinumo Wash Camp


A Beautiful Night to Sleep Under the Grand Canyon Sky


River Miles: 15.5 miles
Camp: Shinumo Wash [mile 29.5]

Sheer Wall [class 2]
House Rock [class 7] – SCOUTED
Redneck [class 3]
North Canyon [class 5]
Twenty-One Mile [class 5]
Twenty-Three Mile [class 4]
Twenty-Three and One-Half Mile [class 4]
Georgie [class 6]
Twenty-Four and One-Half Mile [class 6]
Hansbrough-Rochards [class 6]
Cave Springs [class 5]
Twenty-Seven Mile [class 5]
Twenty-Nine Mile [class 2]
Water Flow: 11,000 – 16,000 cfs

Temperature: 42 – 56 deg F
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Wind: 5 – 9 mph, no gusts
Weather Event: N/A

Note: Click on the rapids above to see the GoPro footage!