GC2017 Trip Report [Day 1 | 15 January 2017]

So! I’ve been, obviously, sharing a lot of GC2017 photos and philosophical thoughts on life and growth through social media. But what about the details– the who, what, where, when?

I know how much everyone loved the GC2015 “one year later” recap I did in November / December– so why wait a year to do this years’ trip report?? For the next 23 days stay tuned for your daily dose of breathtaking scenery, mile-by-mile descriptions of the trip, and snippets from my river journal.

And when you get so pulled in that you actually wish you were there too, let’s chat. There may be spots available on our February 2018 launch [interview requried].

So first up!

[Day 1 | 15 January 2017]

It’s GC2017 launch day! Lots of excitement, anticipation, and some nerves.

Rig day was cold and rainy. A few of the team members opted to stay at the Marble Canyon Lodge instead of starting the journey with wet tents. Nick and I camped out under the Lees Ferry Pavilion [I’m pretty sure this wasn’t allowed..] to keep dry.


Separating Out Gear at the Lees Ferry Put-In


Getting the 18 ft Oar Boats Set Up

Launch day started with a delicious breakfast from our friends at Canyon REO, the ranger talk from the NPS, and our group of 12 figuring out how to rig all our personal gear on five boats.


All Dry-Suited Up and Ready to Go!


Anticipation and Excitement All Around


Boats Rigged and Ready to Launch


The GC2017 team ready to get on the river!

We had some light rain once we pushed off, but now in our dry suits it didn’t matter as much. We were all just so excited to be starting our river journey. The biggest rapids we encountered on River Day 1 were Badger and Soap Creek– both class 5. They seemed so big on that first day, but not long into the trip class 5s weren’t even worth dry-suiting up for [according to some team members].


AK on the oars on river day 1.


Sheer Wall Camp

20170116_081551 (1)

Sheer Wall Camp

“Once we got through Badger, I got on the oars a bit. It felt really good. I actually like being on the oars.”
– AK’s River Journal

River Miles: 14.0 miles
Camp: Sheer Wall [mile 14.0]

Paria River Riffle
Cathedral Wash [class 2]
Badger Rapid [class 5]
Soap Creek Rapid [class 5]
Brown’s Riffle [class 2]

Water Flow: 11,000 – 16,000 cfs

Temperature: 44 – 53 deg F
Precipitation: 0.31 in
Wind: 1 – 8 mph, no gusts
Weather Event: Light Rain, Overcast