Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon Race Recap

Successful race weekend!

The Bird-in-Hand half marathon added #17 to my half marathon completion list.

. Third fastest half marathon
. First half marathon in Pennsylvania
. First half marathon with insulin

I finished the race feeling strong, healthy, and confident in 2:07:29.

When I got my Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in May I knew my life as a fit and active person wasn’t over– it would just look different.

The idea of racing still made me nervous though. So many variables. So many unknowns.

Bird-in-Hand gave me back some much needed race confidence.

I had no goals going into the race. I hoped to finish by 2:15:00, but would have been happy to finish feeling ok– whatever time that meant. You can probably imagine how happy I felt when I started running, my legs felt light, and I slowly began inching up near the 2:00:00 pace group. I was able to stick with them until mile 7.

It was hot, humid, and hilly with little shade; however, my body was responding well and since I had no race day strategy, I just went with it!

I know not every race can be great– I’ve had my share of crappy races. When everything comes together for a positive experience I am always super thankful.

The Valley of No Wires

Beautiful– Amish Country Pennsylvania was a picturesque location for a half marathon.

One sign read “Caution: beautiful views ahead” as you crested a hill overlooking the countryside.

The course is described as “rolling hills” which can mean different things to different people. I don’t hate hills so I was fine with it.

The aid stations were all staffed with local Amish folk from the community and the half marathon paces were Amish as well. I was slightly surprised, but I probably shouldn’t have been.

Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. The race slogan “running in community” was absolutely lived up to.

When the weather forecast showed a really hot race day the organizers made some last minute changes to ensure the runners were safe on the course. Extra aid stations, coolers filled with ice, and hose/sprinkler systems were added.

On the second half of the course there were places that had aid stations every mile, if not closer.

I took my first break at an aid station near mile 8 where I dumped water down my neck/back and stuffed ice down my sports bra.

This process became my pattern for the rest of the race. It was very refreshing and helped my body stay cool.


Bird-in-Hand Hot Air Balloon Festival

Successful Diabetes Management

My biggest concern going into the race wasn’t the fact that I hardly trained. I knew I could cover the miles. What I didn’t know was how my blood sugar would fluctuate and how it would manifest in my running.

When you live with Type 1 Diabetes– it’s one decision, one day at a time. When you think too far past that everything can easily become overwhelming.

I managed to do things right on Saturday.

I woke up with a blood sugar of 147 mg/dL and ate a Cookies and Cream Quest Bar, chocolate peanut butter Shakeology, and 1/2 cup of strawberries– approximately 50 carbohydrates and 3 units of insulin.

I fueled on course with Beachbody Performance Hydrate, and at mile 6 I ate a few Honey Stinger energy chews.

My blood sugar was 97 mg/dL after I crossed the finish line.

Do it for the Medal

I don’t typically choose my half marathons based on the finisher medal– but the Bird-in-Hand half marathon has the coolest medal I’ve seen.


The medal is a real horseshoe!

Where else can you get something like that than Amish Country Pennsylvania??

All in all, it was a fabulous experience. I loved the community focus and the small town feel. The course was beautiful, the post-race food was amazing, and the people were friendly.

And best of all, Bird-in-Hand gave me back my confidence.

I am looking forward to running it again next year.

♥amanda maureen


Super cute running outfit courtesy of
Skirt Sports & LEGEND Compression



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