When Your Why Isn’t Working

Last week we touched on the concept of discovering your why.


On how crucial it is to have a strong, important and visible why when making positive sustainable changes in your health and fitness.


So what do you do when your why isn’t working?


Piece of cake– find a new one.


But, seriously. Your why is your passion for and the driving factor behind wanting to make lasting change. Your true reason and motivation behind whatever your goal is. And as we’ve already discussed, it is nearly impossible to stay committed to making a lasting sustainable change if you don’t fully understand your why.


You can’t change for someone else and you can’t take someone else’s why and make it your own.


If your why isn’t working, it’s probably not strong enough. Simple as that. No harm, no foul. Find a new one.


Find a why that is, not only, big enough that you won’t quit, but that you won’t be tempted to quit. That it won’t even cross your mind that quitting in an option.


If your why is strong, if it’s big enough, you won’t let anything get in your way.


Our culture continually reemphasizes that it is ok to skip a workout. That you really should treat yourself to that cookie because you deserve it. Sometimes there are real reasons to skip a workout and it is ok to eat a cookie once in awhile. The problem arises when those things start to get in the way of progressing towards your goal.


We are entering Week 4 of the 28-Day Fitness Jumpstart (the ladies in the group are rocking it, btw!), and back during Week 1 we got focused. We spent the whole week implementing different strategies to get focused, including the concept of discovering your why. The ladies in the group spent a significant amount of time thinking about their why to make sure it was strong and that they fully understood why they wanted to make sustainable changes in their health and fitness.


I won’t go into all the details again, but last week I shared my why story (you can read it here). I have a very very strong why.


Recently I have been faced with a few tempting situations which had the ability to throw me off track. I have a huge sweet tooth, but if I want to get (and keep!) my blood glucose under control, I can’t eat cupcakes whenever I want. Thankfully, my why is strong and in each of those situations I was able to walk away from the cake.


So let me ask you– is your why your own?


Don’t feel pressured to have a why that fits into a neat little package, that seems age or gender appropriate, that is what society tells you that you should care about.


If you are struggling with your why, if it is not enough to keep you motivated, if you are scared to admit what your why really is– it might be a good time for some self reflection. I want you to see success in your health and fitness. You don’t need to do it alone. I’d love to chat with you. We can spend some time digging into your why and how to implement strategies to make it sustainable for you.

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It really is never too late to make a positive change in your health and fitness.


♥amanda maureen


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