GC2015 Trip Report [Day 19 | 8 December 2015]

Woke up to beached boats, so we pushed launch time to noon. Went for a morning hike.

Today was our last rapid day. Past this, we’re basically in Lake Mead.

Some of the rapids were surprising.

Almost everyone missed the pull-in to our planned camp. It was at the base of Gneiss Canyon Rapid, but there was a huge hole blocking the entrance. Pushed on to Separation Canyon instead. When we arrived it looked completely different from the last time one of our boatman had been through [only a few months prior!]. Flash floods are scary powerful.

Moods were weird and tense at camp. It was our worst camp site. Supposedly, there are not many good camp sites remaining between Separation and the take-out– so it’s crucial to not miss camp.






River Miles: 16.1 miles

Camp: Separation Canyon [mile 239.8]

Two Hundred Twenty-Four Mile Rapid [class 3]
Diamond Creek Rapid [class 4]
Travertine Rapid [class 2]
Two Hundred and Thirty-One Mile Rapid [class 5]
Two Hundred and Thirty-Two Mile Rapid “aka Killer Fang Falls” [class 6]
Two Hundred and Thirty-Four Mile Rapid [class 5]
Bridge Canyon Rapid [class 4]
Gneiss Canyon Rapid [class 5]