GC2015 Trip Report [Day 18 | 7 December 2015]

Today everyone was better, but it still felt like walking on eggshells.

Everyone had a dry line through Two Hundred and Nine Mile Rapid and avoided the hole. Two Hundred and Seventeen Mile Rapid was fun with lots of waves, but Nick and I both got soaked.

“Thankfully we had a lot of sun again today. I never thought I’d be seeking out sun or getting so excited over it. But it is COLD in the canyon in November/December. I’ve never been so cold for so long.”
– AK’s River Journal


River Miles: 14.5 miles
Camp: Two Hundred and Twenty-Four Mile [mile 223.4]

Two Hundred and Nine Mile [class 5]
Little Bastard [class 3]
Three Spring [class 2]
Two Hundred and Seventeen Mile [class 5]
Trail Canyon Riffle [class 2]
Granite Spring [class 2]