GC2015 Trip Report [Day 16 | 5 December 2015]

The only thing that mattered on River Day 16– Nick PROPOSED!!

We got to camp early and Nick suggested we go on a hike. We climbed up a steep side of the mountain and as we were looking out over the river Nick unzips the CamelBak and pulls out a “place holder” ring [his words lol] and asks me to be his forever buddy.

He did some rambling about it being plastic, $9.99, and not wanting to lose or break a nice ring in the canyon. He didn’t want to spill the beans to the rest of the group quite yet. Such a hard secret to keep!! He attached my ring to a piece of paracord so I could wear it as a necklace for the rest of the trip.

River Miles: 20.4 miles
Camp: Granite Park [mile 209.1]

Two Hundred and Five Mile [class 6]