GC2015 Trip Report [Day 14 | 3 December 2015]

ALMOST Lava Falls day. Spent a bit too much time at National Canyon and we didn’t want to run Lava past 2pm.

I’ve officially decided to walk around Lava. Everyone keeps saying to wait until we scout. But I just don’t want to do it.

National Canyon was neat, but what was crazy– one of our boatmen who had been down the canyon recently said it looked completely different. A flash flood must have come through, which carried large boulders and sediment down the side canyon.

“Sometimes it amazes me when I look around at all the rock fall. The boulders are huge. It’s unfathomable that nature can alter the rock and canyon that easily.”
– AK’s River Journal



River Miles: 12.9 miles
Camp: Above Anvil [mile 178.0]

National [class 2]
Fern Glen [class 2]
Gateway [class 3]