GC2015 Trip Report [Day 11 | 30 November 2015]

Hiked at Matkat Canyon before lunch. Nothing major to note with the rapids except Upset Rapid.


Matkat Canyon

I decided to ride with Kelby because I was still freaked out from the last class 8 rapid. It seemed the safer choice– but Kelby ended up having the worst line. We surfed the huge hole in the middle of Upset. I was wearing the GoPro and have an interesting video where you can hear Kelby in the background, “Oh sh*t. HANG ON!”, as he pushes the oars forward with all his might and threw his body weight on me [sitting in the front] to give us enough momentum to get through the hole.


The entrance to Upset Rapid.


The team scouting Upset Rapid.

We had about an hour of glorious direct sun when we reached camp.


Sun comes out, clothes come off.





Nick and AK’s tent site.


Not a lot of privacy at Ledges Camp, but there sure is a nice view!

River Miles: 14.2 miles
Camp: Upper Ledges [mile 151.9]

Doris [class 4]
Hundred Thirty-Eight and One Half Mile [class 3]
Fishtail [class 4]
Hundred and Forty-One Mile [class 2]
Kanab [class 3]
Matkatamiba [class 2]
Upset [class 8] – SCOUTED

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