GC2015 Trip Report [Day 9 | 28 November 2015]

As the canyon narrows, we get less [if any] direct sun. It was very cold today. It rained a bit and looked like snow at the rim.

Hiked to Elves Chasm. It was breathtaking.


Elves Chasm


Also made a stop at Blacktail Canyon and hiked to the music room and the Great Unconformity. Really, really cool.


Touching the Great Unconformity.



Nothing major to note with the rapids. Nick is getting better at reading water.

“There was a blue heron who seemed to be leading us most of the day. She was beautiful. I kept telling Nick she was my spirit animal.”
– AK’s River Journal


The groover.

River Miles: 15.4 miles
Camp: Fossil [mile 125.4]

Hundred and Ten Mile [class 3]
Hakatai [class 4]
Walthenberg [class 6]
Hundred and Thirteen Mile Rock [class 2]
Hundred and Nineteen Mile [class 2]
Blacktail [class 3]
Hundred and Twenty-Two Mile [class 4]
Forster [class 5]