GC2015 Trip Report [Day 8 | 27 November 2015]

The Gem Series.

A big day for us in the Grand Canyon. Woke up to beached boats and had to wait for the tide to come in so we went for a morning hike to Monument Creek. I spent the morning freaking out over Granite, Hermit, and Crystal Rapids. I might have even cried a little bit. I probably overreacted, but fear can be a good thing– everyone was focused and totally killed it on the river.


Monument Creek hike.

Granite was frightening at low water levels, but by the time we launched, the rapid was much more reasonable. Hermit had big, big, big waves but ended up being a lot of fun.


Watching the water levels change throughout the evening from camp right above Granite rapid.

Crystal had our most experienced team member the most concerned for our newbie group. One of my most vivid memories of the entire trip was all five of our boats making it through Crystal [with clean lines!] and Charlie kayaking past us, shaking his paddle in the air with delight, yelling “Yeah newbs!! That was f-ing awesome!!”.


A view of Crystal rapid from the high vantage point.

It was a wet and cold day, but the group morale was high after conquering so many major rapids.


I spent some time on the oars.


My most favorite photo of the Grand Canyon ♥


Nick and AK’s tent site.


Another quality groover location.


River Miles: 16.2 miles
Camp: Hundred and Ten Mile [mile 110.0]

Granite [class 8] – SCOUTED
Hermit [class 8] – SCOUTED
Boucher [class 4]
Crystal [class 8] – SCOUTED
Tuna Creek [class 6]
Lower Tuna [class 4]
Nixon Rock [class 3]
Agate [class 3]
Sapphire [class 6]
Turquoise [class 3]
Emerald [class 5]
Ruby [class 5]
Serpentine [class 7]
Bass [class 4]
Shinumo [class 4]
Hundred and Nine Mile [class 3]