GC2015 Trip Report [Day 7 | 26 November 2015]

Happy Thanksgiving!

“Nervous going into today, but things went really well. Everyone brought their A-Game. Nick did awesome on the oars and he sounded like he was having a blast.”
-AK’s River Journal

This was a HUGE day on the river. Hance was big, but surprisingly not as awful as I expected. Horn Creek was just plain scary.


The team scouting Hance rapid.


Horn Creek rapid.

Hit quite a few holes, but teed them all up [thankfully!] and made it through. It’s amazing how big the water is in the Grand Canyon. If you are off by just the smallest bit, a lateral or hole in the Grand Canyon can easily flip a fully loaded oar boat that weighs over a ton.

We stopped at Phantom Ranch for a few hours. Beautiful location, but after several days of seeing no humans but the ones on our trip– the small population spending the holiday at Phantom felt like Disney World.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving feast around the camp fire where we shared what we were most thankful for in 2015. Who knew you could make a Thanksgiving turkey in the Grand Canyon??


Thanksgiving dinner– Grand Canyon style!


Groover location!


River Miles: 17.5 miles
Camp: Granite [mile 93.8]

Hance [class 8] – SCOUTED
Sockdolager [class 7]
Grapevine [class 7]
Eight-Three Mile [class 4]
Zoroaster [class 5]
Eighty-Five Mile [class 3]
Bright Angel [class 3]
Pipe Creek [class 3]
Horn Creek [class 8] – SCOUTED
Salt Creek [class 3]