GC2015 Trip Report [Day 6 | 25 November 2015]

The rapids today were all pretty straightforward. The major obstacle of the day was the winds. So, so, so strong.

Everyone got stuck in this huge eddy [nicknamed “the eddy of 1000 strokes”]. The canyon was narrow with the huge eddy on river left. Right as you are coming to a bend in the river, the CRUCIAL moment to get past the eddy unscathed, a strong wind gust came down a side canyon from river right– blowing everyone back into the eddy. Every single boat took several laps in the eddy before we all made it through.

Nick is strong, and good at everything. But I had never seen him so tired and frustrated. Days 5 and 6 were two of the most frightening days on the river for me. I have never felt that helpless in my entire life.

We pulled in for lunch, and the group consensus was to stay for the night. There was no way we were hitting Hance Rapid in those winds.

“I’ve been feeling pretty somber. The large rapids we have over the next few days make me anxious. Hopefully I sleep better tonight.”
-AK’s River Journal


Groover location.


River Miles: 7.6 miles
Camp: Below Nevills [mile 76.3]

Tanner [class 4]
Basalt [class 2]
Unkar Creek [class 6]
73.6 Mile Riffle
Nevills [class 6]