GC2015 Trip Report [Day 5 | 24 November 2015]

There was a rock slide in the middle of the night across the river from camp. I have never heard anything like it.

We hiked to the iconic Nankoweap Granaries first thing in the morning.

We arrived at the confluence of the Little Colorado River today. I was looking forward to playing in the crystal clear green-blue water you see photos of online, but the river was running muddy brown. That meant the rest of the Colorado would be brown as well.

Our first wind day. It was frightening, and made me very nervous because we were coming up on some major rapids in the next few days. We didn’t need 50mph gusts on top of class 8 rapids.


Intersection of the Little Colorado River and the main Colorado River. The river will be chocolatey brown the remainder of the trip.

The remains of some dwellings and pottery. So many treasures to find in the Grand Canyon. All you need to do is be present.


Nick and AK’s tent site.


Beautiful groover location!


This view never gets old.

River Miles: 15.6 miles
Camp: Tanner [mile 68.7]

Kwagunt [class 5]
Sixty Mile [class 4]
Lava Canyon [class 4]