GC2015 Trip Report [Day 2 | 21 November 2015]

We hit our first major rapid on Day 2– a class 7 on the Grand Canyon 1-10 scale. One of our boatmen got tossed out of his boat. Major wake-up call for the group.

“Floating through the canyon is indescribable. I keep thinking that I don’t know how I will explain this experience to anyone. It’s unreal. We’re in the Grand Freaking Canyon.”
– AK’s River Journal



And how do we get through that safely?? House Rock Rapid is huge. The group spend some time scouting, then Charlie went first– signaling the best rapid entrance.


Missing the massive hole at House Rock Rapid. Whew.


My first “holy crap this is real” moment.


Cook crew. We teamed up in pairs of two and rotated through kitchen duty.


Seriously. We ate like kings and queens every single day.


Nick and AK’s tent site.


Groover location!


River Miles: 15.3 miles
Camp: Shinumo Wash [mile 29.5]

House Rock [class 7] – SCOUTED
The Roaring 20s [class 4-6]