26.2 Reasons to Run a Marathon

Marathon, 26.2, Running

Oh, the marathon. For some runners the marathon represents the culmination of their running abilities. It’s this big, far, out there, “some day” goal. 

Why wait until some day? That day can be now. Well, 8 – 12 weeks from now depending on your current running abilities 🙂 Here are 26.2 reasons to run a marathon!

“26.2 Reasons to Run a Marathon via @amanda__maureen #runchat #marathon #sweatpink”

1. Why not?

2. Endorphins are real. 

3. You get to explore a new location on foot with thousands of your closest friends.

4. People don’t question why you ate the entire {fill in the blank with your favorite food}. They just assume you ran that day.

5. Bragging rights.

6. You can never have enough race shirts.

7. The medal. Always do it for the medal.

8. The marathon distance will test your body, mind and soul like nothing else.

9. Free post-race massage.

10. To show yourself that you are stronger than you ever thought possible.

11. You will inspire someone else. You never know who is watching and being influenced by your actions.

12. It’s exciting! There is nothing quite like the atmosphere that surrounds a marathon– from start to finish. 

13. Runner legs. Who doesn’t want sexy calves, quads and butts!

14. Make new friends. Whether it’s during training, race day morning, or when you’re struggling at mile 18. You are bound to make new friends along the way.

15. Runners are pretty awesome people. Obviously 🙂

16. When else do you get to run down city streets or highways? The roads are yours. You are the priority. Cars are at your mercy.

17. Because you can. 

18.  You will realize that you can do anything.

19. To give yourself something to work for and achieve. 

20. Perfect excuse to buy a new running outfit. Just make sure to give it a test run before race day.

21. Complete strangers cheering you on. 

22. Oh, the race signs. You will laugh, cringe, and maybe even want to hit someone. {I swear– the person with the “you’re almost there” sign really needs to leave.} 

23. Oprah did it.

24. A chance to travel somewhere new. Did you know there’s a marathon in Antarctica??

25. Knowing you have a marathon coming up will keep you motivated to stay active, eat right, get more sleep, drink more water. All the things we should be doing to stay healthy!

26. You will find your limits. Then you will learn how to push past them.

26.2 You will never forget the feeling of crossing that marathon finish line.

Marathon, 26.2, Running
Your turn! Have you run a marathon? What is your favorite reason to run a marathon? If you haven’t run one, what’s holding you back? 

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