Workout Wednesday – 100 Rep Countdown

Workout Wednesday, HIIT, Body Weight Exercise

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Today’s workout might be a little more challenging than normal. Not necessarily because any one of these exercises is too hard for you to handle {I know you got this!} but because we are stringing together a lot of reps for each exercise.

In this workout we are counting down from 100 by 10s. Starting with 100 jumping jacks and finishing with a 1 minute plank. You can rest for a full minute between exercises. Try to complete an entire exercise set before resting, but if you are really struggling, rest for 10 seconds then get right back at it.

“Can you complete the 100 Rep Countdown? Take a picture & tag @amanda__maureen! #strongisbeautiful #sweatpink #fitfam”

Workout Wednesday, HIIT, Body Weight Exercise
If you are like me and don’t have the core strength to do a normal V Up, feel free to do alternating Single Leg V Ups. For the exercises that require alternating between left and right {e.g. lunges, V Ups, Shoulder Taps} count left as 1, right as 2, left as 3, etc.

I did this workout on Monday and it was tough. I forgot to time myself, but I think it took somewhere between 15-20 minutes. The hardest for me was the crunches– I might have rested a few times.

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Your turn! What did you think of this workout? Was there one exercise that was particularly challenging for you? Would you rearrange this list to a different order?

P.S. Are you on Periscope yet? You can find me @amanda__maureen.

I am not a doctor or personal trainer {yet!}– just someone who loves fitness and wants to share my workouts with my lovely readers:)

This post is linked up with The Fit Foodie Mama for #WildWorkoutWednesday and Jill Conyers for Fitness Friday. Stop by and check ’em out!


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