Giveaway & Marathon Training Monday {Week 2}

Grand Opening

If you’ve been following along on social media the past week or so you might have seen bits and pieces about something called the Happy Healthy Fit tank top. I have been bursting with excitement to finally announce the grand opening of the Unapologetically You Store! The Happy Healthy Fit tank top is the first in the line of inspirational activewear sold exclusively through Unapologetically You.

Why Happy Healthy Fit?

Great question! Being happy, healthy and fit is what I personally strive for every day. 

That doesn’t mean you have to be happy when someone is mean to you, that you can’t eat a chocolate chip cookie, or that if you skip your workout you’ll be judged by the fitness police.

It means that you set positive intentions for yourself.

  • It means that when something bad happens or when you are surrounded by negativity that you recognize what you can and cannot control– then choose to rise above it. 
  • It means that you make the conscious choice to eat that chocolate chip cookie guilt free but recognize portion control and don’t eat the whole box.
  • It means that you understand that if life gets in the way and you miss that workout you will not beat yourself up; instead you choose to start fresh tomorrow. 

Inspirational Activewear

My favorite way to stay motivated during a tough workout is to wear my inspiration! If you’re like me, and enjoy wearing your inspiration during your workouts, make sure to enter the Happy Healthy Fit Giveaway! THREE (3) lucky readers will win a Happy Healthy Fit tank top from Unapologetically You.

“I want to WIN the Happy Healthy Fit tank! #fitnessfashion #inspire #sweatpink via @amanda__maureen” 

Giveaway, Marathon Training, 26.2, Happy Healthy Fit

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway.

Special shout out to Lynda from Fitness Mom Wine Country, Jenna from Little Green Running Shoes, Chrissy from Snacking in Sneakers, and Lora from Lora Hogan for co-hosting this giveaway. Make sure to stop by their websites and show these ladies some love 🙂  

Giveaway, Marathon Training, 26.2, Happy Healthy Fit

If you can’t wait for this tank top, you can purchase one {currently 10% off!} at the Unapologetically You Store.

Marathon Training Monday

Giveaway, Marathon Training, 26.2, Happy Healthy Fit

The second week of Marine Corps Marathon training is done– and I’m feeling a bit better. That not-so-good 16-miler the first week made me question whether or not I’d be ready. 

The biggest thing I have re-learned from the past two weeks is the importance of proper fueling during a run. Chrissy from Snacking in Sneakers had the most impeccable timing with her post on Running Fuel 101 + Real Food Options. Thank you Chrissy!

  1. You need to take in way more fuel during a long run than you would think. For marathon training runs where you are approaching the 3 hour mark, you need to consume 30 – 60 carbohydrates per hour. Wow. I was no where close to that during my 16-miler.
  2. With a little extra planning it’s pretty easy to find real food options {if that’s you thing}.

    The Details

    Monday: Morning yoga with Grokker. I am loving the morning series with Celest. After work I had Boot Camp with Melissa {if you’re local check out her page}.

    Tuesday: 6 mile early morning run {like alarm went off at 4am early} at 9:24 pace. This felt like a redemption run for me. Overall I felt good and Nick commented a few times that I was “really moving”. Sarge was also happy to go on an adventure with her humans.

    Wednesday: Speed Day! I will be alternating different types of speed workouts throughout marathon training. I did mile repeats on the treadmill. I was running a little short on time, so I did a quick 10 minute warm up, then 2×1 mile with 2 minutes rest between repeats. The goal is to run the mile repeats 15-20% faster than your normal pace. I was able to hit 8:20 min/mi and 8:15 min/mi. Total mileage was 3.5 miles.

    Thursday: I did this total body circuit.

    Friday: The long run! 18 miles of running fun 🙂 Seriously, so much better than week 1. My overall pace worked out to be 9:57 min/mi. We ran a completely new route which kept things interesting. The weather was also superb for most of the run. It was 57 deg when we started! Once I hit the 60 minute mark I alternated between eating 1 fig newton and drinking my Gatorade/Water mix during my walk breaks (every 10 minutes). I discovered a few things: 1) I need to start eating earlier.. maybe 40 minutes into the long run 2) the fig newton was enough to get me through the next 20 minutes, but by the time I was eating a fig newton I really needed it 3) Nick made me eat a fig newton even when we only had about 10 minutes remaining, but I was so glad he made me do it.. I ended up with a 9:30 min/mi for mile 18!

    Giveaway, Marathon Training, 26.2, Happy Healthy Fit
    Marathon Training Pooch Ran 18 Miles Too!
    Sarge says not to expect any more work out of her for the rest of the weekend.

    Saturday: Mostly a rest day, but I did squeeze in a little yoga. 

    Sunday: Quick 19 mile bike ride.    

    Giveaway, Marathon Training, 26.2, Happy Healthy Fit

    Your turn! How do you stay motivated during a tough workout? Do you love inspirational activewear? How was your training week? What was your biggest accomplishment? 

    This post is linked up with Jill Conyers for #TheFitDish, MCM Mama Runs for #TOTR, and Running with SD Mom for Wednesday #Giveaway Roundup. Don’t forget to stop by and check ’em out!


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