No Rest for the Weary – Autumn Running Goals

Running, Autumn, Goals, Marine Corps Marathon, Wineglass Half Marathon, 13.1, 26.2

It’s kind of crazy to be talking autumn already. But I am SO ready. If I could have autumn all year round I think I’d take it. With summer winding down autumn races are starting up– so let’s talk goals!


I didn’t jam pack my running calendar this autumn. I have two major races– the Wineglass Half Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon (MCM). 

I will be walking the Wineglass 5K with my parents and there are also a few local autumn races (5K and 10K) that I usually participate in, but they end up being a last minute decision. One of those local races has a doggy division and last time we ran it Nick won overall male, I won overall female (crazy, right?) and Sarge won overall pooch! It was pretty neat 🙂

Running, Autumn, Goals, Marine Corps Marathon, Wineglass Half Marathon, 13.1, 26.2
our trophies!
overall male, dog & female

Wineglass Half Marathon

I have participated in Wineglass events the past 3 years. It’s in Nick’s hometown so it is such an easy race to do– although, in my opinion it is expensive for a half marathon. 

Last year my goal was a 2:10:00 half marathon. I was killing it in training and thought this was feasible. I PRed, but didn’t meet my goal. You can read my race report here to see what went wrong. Nick thinks I’m doomed to not do my best at Wineglass. I’m going to keep a positive attitude and aim for 2:10:00 again this year! 

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Marine Corps Marathon

And the big race– MCM. Eeek! You have no idea how excited I am that we made it in! We ran the 17.75K in March which gave finishers “Access Granted” to the sold out event. BTW, the 17.75K is the way to go if you’re trying to get into MCM. 

I have such high hopes for this race. Not just for my marathon time, but for the overall atmosphere of the event. I have heard nothing but good things from runners who have done MCM in the past, and I think I’ve almost put it on a pedestal. 

My if everything is perfect goal is 4:15:00. I think this is a stretch, but doable. That’s roughly a 9 min 45 sec pace– a pace I run pretty easily now. BUT crazy things happen to your mind, body and soul during a marathon. A slightly more realistic goal would be 4:20:00. In all honesty though, I just want to beat my Philadelphia Marathon time 4:32:46 {and I would be very happy if I beat Oprah}. 

I considered Pike’s Peak Ascent training to be the first half of our MCM training. This week we jump feet first into the second half of MCM training– there’s no rest for the weary! I plan to post weekly marathon training updates so stay tuned 🙂

General Fitness

I have learned the hard way, that if I do nothing but running I end up injured. I’m at a point where I usually run only 3 {maybe 4} days per week. The rest of the week is made up of cross training activities. This autumn I want to continue implementing strength training, yoga and foam rolling into my weekly workout routine. I also desperately need to get on my bicycle more often.

I want to have fun. Fitness should be fun, right? I want to attend classes and group fitness sessions with friends. I want to hike. I want to be outdoors. I want balance– I don’t want to be so focused on that 4:15:00 that I’m saying no to everything else. 

Your turn! What is your big autumn race? What are your goals for that race? If you’re not racing, what are you most looking forward to this autumn?

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