Workout Wednesday – Treadmill Pyramid

Happy #WorkoutWednesday!

We’re back this week with another fun treadmill workout– woot woot! I don’t know about you, but running on the treadmill is always a mental exercise for me. I get antsy. I’m constantly playing with the speed and incline. I make treadmill running into a game of sorts. Usually I find myself increasing pace or incline up to a certain, predefined, number then working my way back down. So for today’s #WorkoutWednesday we’ll be doing a pyramid style treadmill workout. Get excited! 🙂

Let’s Get Sweaty!

Start your workout with a 10 minute warm-up. Run at an easy pace to get your legs turned over. You can play with the speed and incline during the warm-up, but it is not necessary. At the end of 10 minutes you can take a quick {1 minute or less} walk break. You should feel loose, but not tired, at the end of your warm-up.

Now that you’re all warmed up let’s have some fun! In this pyramid style workout we’ll be building up in both speed and incline. Yikes! I know you can handle it though 😉

Note: If your typical 0% incline pace is slower than the pace suggested in this workout, feel free to scale the pace down.
Workout Wednesday, Treadmill, Running, Pyramid Workout
Don’t forget to cool down at the bottom of the pyramid. A proper cool down is important. I suggest a minimum of 5 minutes. You can do a slow run or even just a walk. And when you’re finished with your cool down stretch for a few minutes. It is especially important to stretch those quads, hips, and hamstrings!


Your turn! Do you find the treadmill to be mentally challenging? Or do you avoid the treadmill at all costs? What’s your favorite type of treadmill workout?

I am not a doctor or personal trainer (yet!)– just someone who loves fitness and wants to share my workouts with my lovely readers 🙂

This week I am linking up with Annmarie for #WildWorkoutWednesday and Jill for Fitness Friday. Stop by and check ’em out!

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