Quick Fixes for Healthy Eating On-the-Go

Healthy Eating, On-The-Go, Sweat Pink, Blogger Pro, Share Your Story, Green Smoothie
Eating healthy can be tough all on its’ own. Throw in a busy schedule and your nutrition goals can easily become compromised. 

You wake up early to get your sweat on before work.. you work a full day.. then have evening commitments. How are you supposed to find time to prepare balanced healthy meals and snacks? I won’t sugar coat it. Living a healthy lifestyle can be downright hard at times.

Society and social media are constantly shoving fast food, life hacks, and quick fixes in our faces. It can be tempting to grab a muffin from the local coffee shop as breakfast, run through the drive-through on your way home in the evening, or mix up a powdered substance and call it good for getting in your daily fruits and vegetables. These options aren’t always bad, but make a habit of them, and you could find yourself feeling “off”. Sluggish. Bloated. And a whole host of other symptoms that accompany an unhealthy diet. 

So what’s a busy, fabulous, fit person to do? 


Don’t leave your eating and nutrition to chance. Here’s a little tough love– you can’t be lazy when it comes to your food. 

“I’m tired and don’t feel like prepping my lunch. I’ll figured it out tomorrow.” 

This could easily land you at the McDonald’s drive through window ordering food with no nutritional substance that will leave you hungry (repeat after me– empty calories) and craving more food.

Always keep healthy snacks on hand. At home and in your car, backpack, purse, gym bag. You never know when hunger might strike. When you are prepared with a healthy option you will eat the healthy option. 

I never leave home without a snack. I typically carry a Kind Bar or Cliff Bar in my purse. I’ve recently discovered Kind Bars (I must be living under a rock or something), and absolutely love the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt and Madagascar Vanilla Almond bars. They contain 5g and 4g, respectively, of sugar which is super low– and the coolest part is an ingredients list that you can actually pronounce. If I’m going to be out of the house for a few hours I also take a piece of whole fruit, like an apple or banana.

Granola, nuts, and whole fruit are great simple on-the-go snacks. Zero prep work and easy to store and carry.
In addition to always having a healthy snack available, it’s a good idea to carry water with you. So often we mistake thirst for hunger. It’s fun to add fruit or cucumbers to your water for some flavor without the processed junk that comes in packets.

I’ve recently added green smoothies to my breakfast rotation. These delicious smoothies are relatively quick and the fruit hides the vegetables 😉 I had been wanting to try green smoothies for (what seems like) for.ev.er. But I was nervous and overwhelmed. What if I don’t like them? How do I get the ratios right? What ingredients do I use, and what are the benefits? SO many questions! Thankfully Chrissy broke it all down in her Journey to Healthy Eating: a 28-Day Nutrition Challenge ebook. I tried her suggested green smoothie and fell in love. I could not believe how good it made me feel. And the  best part– it contained all whole natural foods and it took only minutes to prepare. 

Since trying that first green smoothie I have become somewhat adventurous. This week I am enjoying this yummy green and purple smoothie!

Healthy Eating, On-The-Go, Sweat Pink, Blogger Pro, Share Your Story, Green Smoothie

This pretty purple smoothie contains the following:

1 small beet
1 banana
1/2 cup pineapple
a handful of spinach
a handful of kale
a bit of ice and water to taste

Healthy Eating, On-The-Go, Sweat Pink, Blogger Pro, Share Your Story, Green Smoothie
Your turn! What are you favorite on-the-go snacks? Do you have a favorite quick fresh meal for those super busy days?

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