28 Day Nutrition Challenge {Review}

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Raise your hand if you sometimes struggle with healthy eating.

Me! {raises hand}

I always have such grand plans. I read something, talk to someone, or see someone implementing healthy eating strategies into their diet– and I’m like “Yeah, I’m going to (fill in the blank) too!” But many times I don’t follow through because I get overwhelmed by information and don’t know how or where to begin.

In general I eat pretty healthy, but I know there are so many improvements I can make in my diet. Improvements that will eliminate the afternoon sugar cravings. Improvements that will help me recover quicker after a long run. Improvements that will, overall, just make me feel better. 

When Chrissy, a Registered Dietitian, and the mastermind behind Snacking in Sneakers gave me the opportunity to try her Journey to Healthy Eating: A 28 Day Nutrition Challenge ebook I was SO excited. I’ve never worked with a dietitian before and I couldn’t wait to see what helpful knowledge I would gain.  

The ebook contains four major themes:

Week 1: Detoxification
Week 2: Planning, Preparation, and Healthy Meals
Week 3: “Super Foods”
Week 4: Listening to Your Body and Creating Success

Within each week there is a daily topic and associated challenge. This gives you 28 days of actionable steps you can take towards increased health and well-being. The key word there being actionable. What I love love love about this ebook is that it is not some vague “feel good” book. You walk away each day with a simple, but important, step you can take to make an impact on your nutrition. Most (if not all) of the steps take little time– it’s just a matter of making yourself do them.  

Chrissy does a great job of explaining the science behind why these topics are important. In as little as one to two pages for each day of the 28-day challenge you get introduced to the topic, why it’s important, any pertinent science-y information, links to additional resources, and that days’ challenge. Even for the busiest of us– there’s really no reason why you couldn’t read a page or two of this book each day and accomplish the assigned challenge.  

Some information in the ebook was new to me, and some was not. But even when discussing topics I was familiar with, or already implement in my diet, Chrissy was able to put a new spin on things. Why it is important to drink enough water. What the benefits of adding certain spices to our diet are. Why even meat-eaters should consider going vegetarian once a week.

Healthy Eating, Nutrition, eBook, Nutrition Challenge, Snacking in SneakersThe recommendations in Week 2 for building healthy meals and snacks was super valuable. I don’t know about you, but frankly I get tired of trying to be creative when it comes to dinner. It was nice to have someone hand me a list of options– no additional thought necessary. Chrissy even includes a shopping list for her suggested meals! Week 2 also dives into kitchen purges. These days made me cry a bit on the inside.

My favorite section in the ebook was Week 3: “Super Foods”. I really do enjoy food. I always say I put in so many running miles so that I can eat whatever I want. While this is partially true, one of my nutrition goals is to add more good stuff to my diet and slowly remove the not-so-good. I was happy to find that many items in the “super foods” section were things I like or already eat regularly– score!

Week 4 of the challenge is super touchy-feely. It’s all about understanding your relationship with food. Understanding how food makes you feel and when you reach for a treat out of emotion instead of hunger. It’s about cultivating a positive relationship with food and using food to fuel your body. The challenge concludes on a high note with some tips on maintaining a positive body image and how to be successful on your nutrition journey.

So what are my biggest take-a-ways? What lasting changes do I plan to make?

– Green smoothies!! Mmmm. I cannot tell you how much of a difference I have noticed in the last few weeks. Afternoon sugar cravings– gone.
– Drink more tea. I tend to snack out of boredom while at work. Now I will reach for a cup of unsweetened black tea instead.
– Don’t go shopping while hungry. Oh my goodness am I guilty of this. This is on my list of things I need to work on.
– Add more seafood to my diet. I didn’t grow up eating seafood, so I’m always hesitant. But I know this is an important change I need to make.
– Take note of how my sleep impacts my hunger and eating habits.
– Be intentional about eating treats. Don’t eat them out of emotion.

Overall, this ebook has been a phenomenal resource. It’s appropriate for individuals starting at square zero, and for those relatively healthy eaters. I’m looking forward to continue to adopt the strategies in my day-to-day nutrition.

Your turn! Have you ever worked with a dietitian? What are your favorite healthy eating tips? 

Want to know more about the author? You can find Chrissy at the following social media platforms:

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

I am linking up this week with Jill and Jessica for The Fit Dish. Check ’em out!

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