Over the next four weeks Sweat Pink-ers are teaming up with Lorna Jane to talk inspiration. We want to know the WHO, the WHAT, the WHEN, and the WHERE that inspires you. We have another awesome Instagram Challenge for you all, and I hope you will join us! 

This week the fun continues as we dig into the WHO that inspires you. But first, we’re (obviously) going to start with a little mad lib! 
The new Inspired book by Lorna Jane made me feel jazzed up [adj] and ready to conquer anything [adj] and now I want to share the excitement [noun] I feel with all of you which is why I’m hosting, along with #SweatPink and Lorna Jane, a 4 week #LJInspired Instagram Challenge.
I’ll be sharing everything – the who, what, where, when and why’s – of what inspires me to live a happy, healthy, and fit [adj] life and hope you’ll join me. With this challenge, I am vowing to continue to live intentionally [adj] and hustle [verb] towards my dream of changing lives through Unapologetically You [your dream].
Yes, my biggest dream is to make a difference [your dream] and I’ll get there by choosing positivity [verb] and love [verb] and of course leaning on others who inspire me like Nick [person] and my Sweat & Hustle Group [person].

Prompts for the Instagram Challenge This Week

July 20
Who inspires you to stay active and healthy? 
#LJInspired #SweatPink #1MillionMinutes @FitApproach @LornaJaneActive
Tag 2-3 blogger friends in your post!
July 21
Who do you lean on for motivation, support or encouragement? 
#LJInspired #SweatPink #1MillionMinutes @FitApproach @LornaJaneActive
Tag 2-3 friends!
July 22
Who are the 2-3 online people who inspire you the most? 
#LJInspired #SweatPink #1MillionMinutes @FitApproach @LornaJaneActive
Tag 2-3 friends
July 23
#LJInspired #SweatPink #1MillionMinutes @FitApproach @LornaJaneActive
Tag 2-3 friends!
July 24
Who keeps you accountable? 
#LJInspired #SweatPink #1MillionMinutes @FitApproach @LornaJaneActive
Tag 2-3 friends!

And don’t forget to join us TODAY, 7/21 from 5:30-6:30 pm PT for a fun #LJInspired #SweatPink Twitter party for another chance to win prizes & a copy of Inspired

Your Turn! Who inspires you? What dreams are you hustling towards? Who is your biggest supporter?

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I am linking up this week with Jill and Jessica for The Fit Dish. Check ’em out!


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