Welcome back to #WorkoutWednesday! I hope you enjoyed the last workout, and are looking for another good one this week. 

On #WorkoutWednesday I plan to show you, step-by-step, the workout I will be performing. It will include the modifications I use– but obviously adjust as necessary for your own body. I did not invent these moves. A quick Google search for “strength training” or “body weight exercises” will find you most of the moves I will be showcasing. I am not a doctor or certified trainer. Just a person who loves being fit and healthy, and wants to share what I do with all of my wonderful readers 🙂

I hope to see this become a weekly feature and would love any feedback you may have.

Was the workout too easy?
Too hard?
Were the directions clear and easy to follow?
Were the pictures helpful?

I will be doing each set based on time
45 sec ON / 10 sec REST

Today’s Workout!

If you’d rather do X number of repetitions for each move, that works too! Or if 45 sec is too much at first, try starting with 30 sec.

Each set will be repeated 3 times for a total of just under 30 minutes.

Mountain Climbers

Start on hands and knees with arms directly below your shoulders. Extend body into full plank position. Bring right knee towards chest, then lower back down. Bring left knee towards chest, then lower back down. Mountain Climbers can be done quickly with a jumping motion, where both feet leave the ground as you drive one knee forward and the other leg back to add a challenge. Or more slowly by moving one leg at a time as a modifier.


There are many variations of plank. The key to plank is to keep your entire core engages. I am doing a stability ball plank. If you have access to a stability ball, this is a great way to add a challenge to your plank. If you do not have access to a stability ball, check out last weeks’ version of forearm plank. To make the regular plank more difficult you could plank with straight arms.

Modified Overhead Tricep Extension

Start by laying on your back with your knees bent. Hold a single weight behind your head in both hands. Extend your arms up and over your head and using your tricep muscles bring the weight in front of your body. As you are bringing the weight in front of your body engage your abdominal muscles and slightly curl up. Come back down and relax your abdominal muscles as you lower the weight behind your head. 

Squat & Press

Start by standing straight with feet wide. Hold a heavier weight down along the front of your body. Squat down, keeping knees behind your toes, then push back up. As you are coming up translate the weight from the hanging position into a pushing position. At the top of your squat push the weight up directly over your head. Lower the weight back down, squat, and repeat. 

if you do not have access to a weight, fill an empty gallon milk jug with water! it weights approximately 8 lbs.

Side Plank – Left & Right

From the regular plank position turn towards your left and balance on your right side. You left foot and arm should be stacked over your right. I’ve slightly modified the move by placing my left food slightly in front of my right on the ground and by placing my left hand on my hip. As an additional modifier, you can perform this move from your knees as well.

Repeat on the right side for 45 sec.

Bench Press

Start by laying on your back with your knees bent. With a weight in each hand extent your arms out from the shoulders forming a 90 deg angle with the ground. In a sweeping motion lift the weights up and over your chest until the touch. Come back down in reverse order.

Jump Squat

Start with feet hip width apart. Squat down keeping the knees behind the toes. As you come up, swing your arms up along side your body as you propel yourself in a vertical jump. Follow through with your arms as you come back into a squat. 

Bicycle Crunch

Start by laying on your back, knees bent, hands behind your head. Roll your shoulders off the floor into a crunch position. Twist your core to the right as you bring your left elbow towards your right knee. As you are twisting towards the right, extend your left leg straight out and bring your right knee towards the left elbow. Come back into a neutral crunch position with both legs bent, and repeat on the opposite side.

There is a tendency to want to go as fast as you can with this move. I challenge you to slow down. You will work your core much harder with slow, controlled, and deliberate motions. 

Bicep Curls

Start by standing straight with feet together and arms at your sides holding the weights. Arms should be facing open. Curl arms upwards keeping bicep muscles engaged. Lower back down and repeat.


I hope you got a great workout! If you have any feedback or requests don’t hesitate to leave a comment 🙂

Tell me– what’s your favorite strength training move?


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all photos were taken with GoPro HERO3 Silver

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